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Thank you, DollBlue, for opening this to critique! It allows me to state “for the record” that the style you show in this drawing remin...

Before we begin, allow me to spell out some biases of mine. When it comes to introducing a character, I favor full-figure presentations...

DollBlue is on fire :onfire: to show us her wonderful world of elves, anthros, nymphs, and whatnots, in amorous and feisty interaction: go cheer!



Journal History

Have you ever traveled in astral form?
Of course you have— if you've ever had a vivid dream!
You've probably seen your dog do that, too, right?

Normally, an astral body consists of the information content of your mind
(not even all of it), with just enough energy to encode the information.

Time ago, in an exceptionally vivid dream,
I met a very special girl —eh, lady— named Sarit.
In a string of successive dreams, we developed an intimate relationship,
to the point that, on this planet (where DA Administration is headquartered),
I began to build an artificial body in her likeness:
it turned out so well, that said body came to life with her soul in it!
(As I have described here, and here.)

Such a body is substantial enough that it can be seen and photographed
by regular human beings (muggles, if you'll pardon the expression),
but her biological body remains in her own world, and needs attention,
so she can stay here for only brief periods at a time.

Recently, on one of her return trips, she went astray, which had me worried sick,
until DollBlue alerted me that Sarit had materialized in Anathema,
the world that DollBlue describes.

On that world, DollBlue has, literally, a twin soul, named Aryun the Bard.
This is a clear-cut case of what physicists call entanglement:
each is aware of what the other is thinking, even though they inhabit wide-apart bodies.
[Biological bodies, as evidenced by the fact that DollBlue recently gave birth
to a "real" child; real as in, kicking, screaming, and suckling.]

With DollBlue's guidance, I was able to astrally visit the sylvan meadow
where Sarit was having a picnic with two lovely "beasten" girls (slaves, alas),
but my visit was cut short because I got so excited
when Sarit and I kind of melded into a hug,
that I was jolted back to my bed, here.
Eventually I'll fill you in on the emotional background of all this, but,
right now, I just want to comment on magick versus physics:

On places like Anathema, "real" magic is pretty obvious, whereas on Earth, it is hard to find.
It does, however, exist even on Earth, and physicists are actively looking for it:
they call it physics BSM,
with BSM an acronym for Beyond the Standard Model, where "Standard"
refers to everything that can currently be described theoretically AND verified experimentally,
including —believe it or not— entanglement!

BSM theories are a dime a dozen; experimental verification is "at" the Large Hadron Collider (LHC),
where it is showing up in subtle asymmetries regarding the Top Quark. That's it. Thus far.

So, back to Sarit, in astral form, in Anathema.
I melted into her, but she was solid, eating solid food: how come?
Part of the Standard Model of physics is the idea of a
very rarefied and highly elastic substance believed to permeate all space,
formerly called aether, nowadays called field, of which there are different types,
in particular one, called the Higgs field,
that is said to confer mass to particles that would otherwise be massless.
Neutrinos have very low mass, "down" quarks are millions of times as massive; both are stable,
but the down quark interacts more strongly with the Higgs field, says the Standard interpretation.

On Anathema, a group of inhabitants have managed to generate a field that excludes magic,
much as a superconductor excludes magnetic fields,
and this illustrates that, for magic to be operative, there has to be a corresponding field,
field that is strong over most of Anathema, including Nordwood, where Sarit showed up,
and my take is that her astral body has picked up mass by interacting strongly with this field,
whereas mine remained ghostly, either because I didn't linger long enough, or—
you get the picture.

But, back to the Higgs! It turns out that most particles that we normally deal with,
including atomic nuclei, are not elementary, but are composed of elementary particles,
and, in those cases, the Higgs mass is only a tiny fraction of the mass of the composite.
The rest comes from the energy associated with the mutual interaction of the constituents, via
    m = E / c2

DollBlue's alter ego, Aryun,
has generously offered to arrange for Sarit's escape from Nordwood
(lest she be enslaved, or worse) to the so-called Floating Isle,
whose inhabitants live democratically in a magicless bubble,
until Sarit's compatriots can steer her back to her own world.
If my interpretation is correct, one might expect her body to become more subtle
the more deeply she enters said bubble, except!
Except that she's been eating solid food. See what I mean?

Perhaps the experts on her world can tell me if that's good or bad or what.
Gotta go.

Addendum regarding information transfer:

If you were dreaming, but as soon as you wake up, you hardly remember a thing,
then it means that your astral body was being fed information from
your biological body, but not the other way around.
At the other extreme, a lucid dream is one in which
the information transfer is near symmetric.

When I first met Sarit, she did not speak any English, but,
on her world, there are academics who study us, to the point that
they have compiled databases for some of our languages,
including English. She picked up some rudiments thereof on her world,
but when she came here, she was able to download into her artificial body
a very well-crafted database of English: ipso facto, she became fluent.
Had she, at that point, returned to her biological body,
she would have lost her fluency,
just as if she had awakened from a non-memorable dream.

At my house, however,
she has done extensive reading, speaking, and writing in English:
such experiences do transfer back to her biological body,
just as during a lucid dream.

Therefore, at this point, she's fluent in English, even in her biological body,
and therefore also in any astral body that carries her soul.
Thus, as soon as she meets Aryun, they can communicate in English.
Good to know.
(Aryun and DollBlue share the same languages, including German and English.)

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